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Overall Value

Reduce Your Costs, Gain Efficiency, Be More Profitable!

Operating your business in today’s economic reality is truly challenging. Now more than ever you need a proven, solid system solution that can help power your company’s success!

You need timely financial data that reaches into every area of your business - instant sales and gross margin reporting to identify unprofitable orders and customers, inventory reporting that helps you manage the all important use of your working capital and flexible purchasing methods that allow you to control your costs and add important bottom line dollars.

SSI has the tools to help! Our fully integrated system and dedicated and experienced support team offer the progressive Independent Dealer the alternative to higher priced and more volatile systems.  

Experience the SSI differences! 

Over 30 years of constant industry experience by a dedicated, professional team with virtually no staff turnover means you are dealing with a solid business partner that is here for your future!

Stable system and monthly support pricing.

We are Office Products Industry specialists, not venture capitalists or financiers.

After thorough consultation we build an understanding of your business needs and provide you with an affordable financial solution to the acquisition of an SSI system, backed by second to none service and support.

Our policy of Incremental Migration means that all our clients are on the same version of software with no hidden fees. We are constantly developing and programming based on customer input to improve our system.

The SSI distribution system allows you to efficiently manage your day to day business operations and reduce cost by automating many routine processes. Use of features such as our Management Information Center (MIC), Auto Ordering and Purchase Analysis keep you instantly informed of all your vital business barometers and help you pinpoint potential issues.

SSI Web is the storefront that connects you with your customers. Our feature rich site provides for a great shopping and service experience!

The incorporation of Essendant SmartSearch and SP Richards Enhanced E-Content powers SSI Web to the forefront of shopping online for Office Products!

When faced with the decision to shop for a new system, or if you need to gain control over your business in the face of the current economy - look no further! We have the solution. 

SSI is an affordable, cost-effective alternative with NO surprises! We understand the business impact and that the cost of a new system is far greater than just the purchase price. We work with our customers to minimize the pain of acquiring and installing a new system. Stable, predictable support fees make budgeting easy!

We want to become your business partner. Not just a software provider!

We will Power Your Business!


We have enjoyed SSI from the start.  Their system is very straight forward and adaptable.  It has been able to serve all our needs without special configurations or custom builds.  The system has grown with us and we have found ways for it to make us more streamlined and improve our bottom line.

 The staff is great!  From education when you first learn the system, to teaching as you implement it and patience as you adapt the system to meet your needs.  Support is always there quickly and are very knowledgeable, because you are always communicating with the same support staff they respect your knowledge of the system and help to resolve your problem and do not make you feel inferior.

 The month end services provided by SSI make the end of the month, quarter and year become almost just another normal day.  With just a few processes to run you receive all your reports and the price changes get uploaded and you are off to a new month.


Clint Flatt


Flatt Stationers, Inc.