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Online Webstore

SSI Webstore

Market the products that produce the best margins

  • Set first-in-search rules
  • Create merchandizing pages
  • Featured products
  • Online flyers for web only pricing
  • Full support of custom items
  • Switch and save

Ease of use -- yet the features that your customers expect

  • Hard substitution
  • Stock check your stock and your wholesaler’s stock
  • Multi-level Approvals based on:
    • Dollar amount
    • Budget
    • Contract or not contract
  • Ability to tie user to:
    • One or more sub account
    • One or more ship to
    • One or more credit card
    • Budget
    • Many other options
  • Favorite lists ability for management from users or dealer
    • Dealer created and/or user created
    • Unlimited categories
    • Unlimited items

The features that you need to compete with the power channel

  • SEO friendly, set up and manage SEO friendly rules to improve Search Engine results
  • Google Analytics support, analyze who is hitting your site, who is buying on your site, ect
  • Ability to utilize Chat Software
  • Imbed videos, banners, HTML  

Fastest web store in the Office Products Industry 

Supporting SP Richards and Essendant's web initiatives 

  • Full support for:
    • SP Richards Enhanced Content – Search Engine
    • Essendant's Smart Search – Search Engine
  • Marketing Ads can be automatically fed from SP Richards and Essendant (3rd party feature)
  • Data available from SP Richards, Essendant and other vendors

SSIWeb ensures that you are in control

  • We do not sell first-in-search like other vendors
  • You control the banners and marketing on your site

Customizable look and feel 

  • SSIWeb is a highly customizable site. You control the look and the feel.
  • You have the ability to modify our templates with control panel or
  • Pull out the style sheets and modify
  • Unlimited pages, graphics, banners, videos, etc.

You control banner ads and first-in-search

SSIWeb has state of the art features

Ease of use - ease of training

Customizable look and feel

Blazing fast – fastest site in the industry 

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