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About Us

Since 1980 SSI has been providing software and consulting services to North American Office Products, Office Machine, Office Furniture, and Jan San Distributors.

SSI was founded in Sault Ste. Marie Canada as a division of MD Business Systems, an Office Products, Office Furniture, and Software Computer Distributor affiliated with the Basics Buying Group.  

SSI became a separate entity in 1990 and has been led by Terry Kelly as an independently owned business since then. Terry recognized that the survival and ultimate success & growth of SSI meant selling software to Office Products Distributors internationally.

To achieve this goal Terry partnered with John Evans. As a co-owner of SSI, John brings years of experience in the Office Products Industry working for a dealership, selling for an International Manufacturer and Vice President Sales Canada for ECI2.

Charles Russell joined the ownership of SSI after the sale of DDMS, a software provider for the Office Products Industry, where he had served as President and Vice President Operations for over twenty years. 

Due to this Leadership Team and a highly qualified and experienced staff, SSI is recognized as a leading provider of Business Software for Office Products Distributors in both Canada and the US.

SSI is independently owned by long term Office Products Distribution Veterans and has experienced steady annual growth throughout the last 5 years